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Organizations of all sizes are embracing the cloud to simplify IT, reduce infrastructure, and boost productivity. In order to successfully migrate to the cloud, organizations need a cloud solution catered to where they are in the cloud journey. A digital workspace offers the simplest, most flexible way to deliver apps, desktops, and data in the cloud. Everything your employees need to get work done is provided, with a simple, consistent administrative experience.

See how Citrix Cloud services enable you to deliver a secure digital workspace from any cloud or infrastructure.

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Cloud sprawl—the adoption of cloud services at every level of the organization—is a major IT pain point. With cloud services sourced from multiple vendors, security is inconsistent, user experience is varied, and access is fragmented. IT must monitor, regulate and sometimes deny cloud services to employees to mitigate security risks. Citrix Workspace, delivered through Citrix Cloud services is an innovative way to aggregate, manage and deliver these diverse services while IT maintains control. Prevent data leakage and ensure secure file sharing between employees and partners through consistent security policies across all platforms. Productivity increases because the user experience is consistent and optimized for performance and content. Employees have just one password to remember for the different services and unified access to launch all of their apps.


Citrix Workspace enables you to do more with less by centralizing IT management, streamlining upgrades and reducing capital infrastructure. Only cloud technologies allow you to increase and decrease infrastructure with your changing business needs. Spin up new instances when you onboard new personnel, and remove them when they leave. You can also pilot your Citrix Workspace configuration without capital infrastructure investment, then maintain that configuration in the production location of your choosing. 

Citrix Workspace delivers consistent user experience and performance through adaptive, context-aware virtualization technologies ensuring high-quality experience regardless of source, network, or device. Citrix technology simplifies the provisioning and maintenance of Windows images, and users get a rich, high-performance experience thanks to the industry-leading HDX protocol.

Citrix solves the challenges of cloud adoption by taking a unique hybrid approach to managing and aggregating cloud services. While the workspace control plane resides in  the Citrix Cloud console, the actual services for virtual apps and desktops, mobility, secure access control and secure file sharing can be hosted and executed wherever you choose—including legacy on-premises infrastructure. This approach allows complete freedom to mix on-premises and cloud services, and lets you choose whether and when to move apps, desktops and data to the cloud. Wherever individual services reside, apps, desktop and data can be easily integrated and managed through a single console, and delivered as digital workspaces with a unified user experience.

Citrix Workspace

  • Mitigate risk introduced by “cloud sprawl.”
  • Reduce capital infrastructure costs.
  • Maintain productivity with a great user experience.
  • Move to the cloud at your own pace.

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