Consolidate legacy load balancers

When it comes to optimizing data centers, traditional infrastructure makes it difficult to improve operations. Legacy networks are fragmented and inefficient, tying data and apps to physical servers—resulting in a bottleneck of data to apps and users. As virtualization continues to evolve, network inefficiency goes unaddressed. Without a proper networking solution, enterprises are losing time, money, and productivity.

With increased data consumption in today’s mobilized business world, supporting higher workload volumes is a growing challenge for traditional data centers. You need to use consolidated technologies to support higher workloads with fewer data centers and less network infrastructure.

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Enterprises are shifting away from physical data centers to protect and improve their data transfers. With networks lagging behind cloud technology, this is the perfect opportunity to consolidate data centers.

There are many reasons to update data center infrastructure. Having fewer data centers means reducing physical appliance storage, lowering power usage, and simplifying the IT environment. By designing a next-generation infrastructure and consolidating data centers through a Citrix solution, enterprises also enjoy superior consolidation density, seamless network integration, zero impact among instances, and the ability to grow without adding hardware. Consolidation offers a dramatic, cost-effective return on investment and effortless cloud-based scalability.

Plans for data center consolidation should include a strategy that ensures seamless integration. Citrix ADC SDX is a comprehensive solution that combines virtualization of ADCs and servers, providing infrastructure optimization and security. Citrix ADC SDX enables multiple Citrix ADC instances to run on a single physical appliance that can handle the workloads of several appliances.

Offering a full-featured delivery platform, Citrix ADC powers modern cloud and data center infrastructures at massive scale. SDX is capable of consolidating multiple standalone appliances onto one single network server. And because of its workload efficiencies and its Pay-As-You-Grow capacity licensing, it is the only solution you need to power your network as your business grows.

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Citrix ADC

  • Consolidates data centers with confidence through a flexible, app-centric, scalable networking solution
  • Manages up to 115 independently run Citrix ADC instances on a single appliance

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