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Only Citrix provides a complete virtual app and desktop solution to meet all your needs from a single, easy-to-deploy platform. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver Windows, Linux, web, and SaaS applications or full virtual desktops to workers on any device, anywhere.

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Additional use cases  

Over 100 million people are using Skype for Business to communicate for work. According to Microsoft, 79% of enterprise customers in the United States use or plan to use Skype for Business for telephony—and three out of four Citrix customers adopting unified communications have chosen Skype for Business.

Without proper consideration and design for optimization, virtual app and desktop users will very likely find the Microsoft Skype for Business experience to be subpar—but Citrix has the solution. XenApp and XenDesktop include the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack, developed with and endorsed by Microsoft, which allows you to publish Skype for Business as a virtualized application or within a virtual desktop—with the same performance as a local installation.

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Citrix DesktopPlayer extends the benefits of XenDesktop to BYO and corporate laptop users, enabling them to run Windows virtual desktops on Windows or Mac devices whether they are online, offline, or over a slow and intermittent network connection. The type 2 client hypervisor features centralized management capabilities, including zero-touch provisioning, one-to-many patching, and role-based policy management for comprehensive IT control.

DesktopPlayer for Windows and Mac secures virtual computers and reduces the risk of data loss for on-the-go laptop users with features such as time-based lockout, expiration, and remote wipe policies. With these capabilities, sensitive information within the virtual desktop stays safe—even if the device is lost or stolen.

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XenApp and XenDesktop include Citrix AppDNA application migration and management technology. With AppDNA, IT can confidently discover, automate, model, and manage applications for faster migration, easier app virtualization, and streamlined app management.

AppDNA technology accelerates application deployment so that IT can make better implementation decisions. AppDNA lets you complete projects more quickly at lower cost, and reduce project risk, by gaining clear insight into application compatibility in a new or migrated environment.

Discover the benefits of app management and migration with AppDNA

Today’s mobile workforce has increased demand for secure access to mission-critical, high-performing Linux apps and desktops from any device. These Linux resources are essential to many industries, such as those conducting research and development work on chip design, numerical computation for financial and scientific modeling, or providing proprietary Linux-only apps to their engineers and developers.

XenApp and XenDesktop give users secure access to mission-critical, specialized Linux desktops from non-Linux devices. IT administrators can manage both Windows and Linux applications and desktops using a single console to reduce complexity and increase ROI of infrastructure investment by avoiding the need to purchase new hardware.

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Design and manufacturing companies are embracing a new approach to IT. Instead of installing CAD applications on costly high-end workstations, they are moving desktops, apps and data to the datacenter and cloud providers, where they can be securely accessed on-demand by users anywhere. Apps and desktops run centrally on either virtual or physical machines freeing people to work on any device they choose—even a tablet. Network optimizations ensure an experience that looks, feels and acts like a traditional high-end PC no matter what the access type.

The most complete and effective virtualization solution for 3D apps comes from Citrix, the longtime leader in virtualization and mobile workstyles. Accessible on any device, the solution provides compression and graphics acceleration technologies to optimize professional 3D graphics apps over low-bandwidth, high-latency networks. Designed for seamless integration and proven in demanding production environments, the Citrix solution combines high performance with simplicity and manageability unmatched by point solutions or piecemeal strategies.

Learn about XenApp and XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro

Web-based apps are now a common part of many organizations’ IT strategy, but web browsers can cause many of the same headaches as any Windows app—from compatibility issues to frequent updates. To ease the delivery of specific browser-based apps to user, regardless of their chosen browser, Citrix offers Secure Browser. Secure Browser is a virtual browser that enables IT to deliver secure remote access to web and SaaS applications with zero endpoint configuration.

Secure Browser lets users choose any browser without the need for IT to test every type, version or plugin. This is especially significant as a broader range of devices enter the workplace, including mobile devices equipped with native browsers that often break web apps.

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XenApp vs. XenDesktop—which one do I need?

XenApp is an application virtualization solution that helps you optimize productivity with universal access to virtual apps, desktops, and data from any device. XenDesktop carries all the same functionality as XenApp, plus the option to implement a scalable VDI solution. Compare below to see which product best suits your business needs.

  XenApp XenDesktop
HDX technology for optimized user experience    
Published Windows, Linux, web, and SaaS applications    
Single management console for apps and desktops    
Centralized security in the data center    
FIPS and Common Criteria certified    
Single image provisioning technology    
VDI desktops    
Remote PC access    
Offline client virtualization for disconnected user requirements    

Why XenApp and XenDesktop

Customers share why they choose Citrix—the only proven solution for virtualizing Microsoft Skype for Business.

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XenApp and XenDesktop are Common Criteria certified to meet the highest security standards.

By centralizing our data systems using Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, we’ve eliminated redundant infrastructure and introduced cost savings, while also making it easier for employees to submit data at the project location in real time.
David Banger
John Holland Group

Our strategic partnerships

Microsoft and Citrix have 230,000 shared customers and tens of millions of users who rely on our solutions every day.  For example, Microsoft engineers worked closely with Citrix to develop the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack for Skype for Business—the only Microsoft-endorsed solution on the market.

Citrix and Google have been working together since Chromebooks first reached the market in 2011.  Chrome devices with XenApp and XenDesktop allows organizations to provision, centrally manage, and deliver enterprise apps and data with the highest security over any network.

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